From Grief and Stress to Calm and Clarity

The three most stressful things in life:

  • Death of a close family member
  • Divorce
  • Moving House

These are all areas in our lives that we feel we have lost either some or all control, we don’t know what to do next or if we do – how do we do it?

Having had my own personal experiences in all these stress filled times I have got through them and grown through them, come out the other side a better person with a new perspective and appreciation of everything and everyone around me.

Your home maybe be holding the history of a lot of people that have lived in it previously, check out the history of your home, how much of what went before is reflected in your experience in it now? Divorce, money trouble, children playing up, addictions. If you find yourself in a house that is holding you back or just doesn’t work I can help you see why you have found yourself there and how to get your home to help and support you.

If you have recurring health problems, physically,  mentally and you go to see your therapist and come out feeling great, then you get home and you can feel all that work undoing and you have to go back again and again for the same problem, you may never have considered your home isn’t helping and supporting you. By using all the resources below you could see the improvement in your health on a more permanent basis. Remove stress and you could remove a huge amount of your health issues.

Reiki could help you feel calm, help you sleep, get more motivation and energy. It works on a level that constantly amazes me and helps me and others. It also helps to raise the energy of your home.

Feng Shui and energy balancing has helped my house become my home, getting the right balance between home and work life, fun and relaxation.

Clutter Clearing – well it has to be done! If you haven’t done this you probably need to, it sounds so simple but can make the biggest difference in how you and your home feels.

Dowsing people and homes for energy to free you from recurring  problems, from homes that have an atmosphere you can’t quite explain.

Space Clearing using sounds, incense and intention to clear a space of unhelpul emotions and energy that we have dealt with to help you move forward.

By combining all of the above it can have a deep impact on your well being by balancing out the energy of you and Your House

Life and Stress happens, you can’t always avoid it, but you can learn from it, move forward and enjoy your life and living it and I can help you with that.

If Grief is holding you back, if you feel guilt, or stuck in a moment in time, let me help you move forward, always remembering but learning to live your life again.

Ask yourself how you are feeling now and how you want to feel and what you want to achieve.

And I know this might sound quite unbelievable to a lot of you and you can’t even believe you have found yourself here, wondering how your home can be affecting your whole life. This woman must be away with the faeries!  I promise I am very down to earth, perfectly normal!
One of my clients said to me ‘Linda, I love that you do all this amazing work but you are still so down to earth and can laugh about some of the things you say and do!’ – I am perfectly aware some of it may seem a bit ‘out there’ to some, especially when I’m wandering around with my rods, bowls and bells!


Contact me now if you are ready to gain calm and clarity 



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When Linda first came to our house we hadn’t had a viewing for five months! We weren’t desperate as we aren’t that kind of people, but it had been really disheartening. Linda had asked for the plans of our house and had done some work beforehand and had done some work to help with clearing the energy. It was fascinating when Linda first walked around our home. She used her pendulum and Reiki to determine and her singing bowl to raise the energy. It was interesting to see how the pendulum performed after the singing bowl had been used. She also suggested small things that needed ‘changing’ like needing some de cluttering or diy, this wasn’t a lot of work and something I could quite easily manage. It was good to have a fresh pair of eyes as it’s amazing what we get used to in your own home. My biggest awareness though was thought that there were some areas of my home, that unbeknown to me I really didn’t like until Linda asked me to focus on them! For example, my office – I didn’t use it, choosing to work anywhere but there if possible – now I use it all the time for my admin work! It really was eye opening. What was more intriguing was after the work that Linda had done it my home felt whole again. I now use each and every area and am thankful for each space that I have. With regards to viewing after Linda’s work we had a real burst of interest, we haven’t sold as yet, but I feel it’s only a matter of time before the right person walks though the door.

I would recommend Linda, She is a calm and friendly person who has am unobtrusive presence in your home. I think of her as a balm which has a huge impact on your life!