When Linda first came to our house we hadn’t had a viewing for five months! We weren’t desperate as we aren’t that kind of people, but it had been really disheartening. Linda had asked for the plans of our house and had done some work beforehand and had done some work to help with clearing the energy. It was fascinating when Linda first walked around our home. She used her pendulum and Reiki to determine and her singing bowl to raise the energy. It was interesting to see how the pendulum performed after the singing bowl had been used. She also suggested small things that needed ‘changing’ like needing some de cluttering or diy, this wasn’t a lot of work and something I could quite easily manage. It was good to have a fresh pair of eyes as it’s amazing what we get used to in your own home. My biggest awareness though was thought that there were some areas of my home, that unbeknown to me I really didn’t like until Linda asked me to focus on them! For example, my office – I didn’t use it, choosing to work anywhere but there if possible – now I use it all the time for my admin work! It really was eye opening. What was more intriguing was after the work that Linda had done it my home felt whole again. I now use each and every area and am thankful for each space that I have. With regards to viewing after Linda’s work we had a real burst of interest, we haven’t sold as yet, but I feel it’s only a matter of time before the right person walks though the door.

I would recommend Linda, She is a calm and friendly person who has am unobtrusive presence in your home. I think of her as a balm which has a huge impact on your life!